Cryolipolysis (liposuction by frost) is so far the most effective and non invasive method to shape your body with the results comparable to surgicaly removed fat e.g. classic liposuction.
The princip of this method is to cool fat cells. The fat cells are more prone to damage than the cells of your skin. The temperature used during the process directly damages the fat cells which than disappear.
Clinical studies have shown that during the process you lose minimum of 25% of the fatty tissue on the treated area.

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The main task of the lymphatic massage (lymphatic drainage) is to renew and increase lymphatic circulation.
The lymphatic system hasn´t got its pump. If the lymphatic system is not working properly, or if its activity slowed down, the metabolic residues stay in body tissues. Fat cells swell, creating fat pads, cellulitis and swelling. Using a targeted massaging pressure and direction, it is possible to activate the lymph, the flow of the lymph and to get rid off of pollutants (toxins) out of the body. Normally about 4 liters of fluids containing water, proteins, fats, salts, dead cells, bacteria, waste and other unwanted materials flow through the lymphatic system.

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